Friday, July 7, 2017

July 2017 Saturday Sampler

Enjoy the Ride

Happy Haunting
(The Bat Only for July)

 Pieced Flower Garden

Pieced Flower Garden- Neutrals

Thursday, June 8, 2017

June 2017 Saturday Sampler

Enjoy the Ride

 Happy Haunting
(The Ghost only for June)

 Pieced Flower Garden

 Pieced Flower Garden - Neutral

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 2017 Saturday Sampler

Enjoy the Ride- Applique

Enjoy the Ride- Pieced

Pieced Flower Garden - Neutrals

 Happy Haunting

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 2017 Saturday Sampler

Enjoy the Ride

Pieced Flower Garden- Pink/Green

Pieced Flower Garden - Neutrals

Happy Haunting

Friday, March 10, 2017

March Saturday Sampler

March 2017 Saturday Sampler

Enjoy the ride

Pieced Flower Garden - Pink/Green

Pieced Flower Garden - Neutrals

Happy Haunting

We added the ladybugs from the "Enjoy the Ride" block to the "Flourish" Table Runner pattern.  A great way to coordinate your decor.

 We also added the ladybugs to a dish towel.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Here are our February 2017 Saturday Sampler Blocks

We have made the pieced blocks with a few awesome tools, you just might want to make it a little easier using these.


  • Solid markings throughout every 1/2"
  • Perimeter markings to 1/8" 
  • Bloc_Loc patent pending channel technology machined so it fits snugly over the seam allowance
  • Square up a half square triangle block in less than half the time
  • Accurate every time
  • No more "ruler rock" adding safety to cutting smaller blocks 

Schmetz Chrome Professional Grade Needles

There is a new needle in town . . . SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade needles! Power Quilters, Embroidery Enthusiasts and Stitch Mavens are sewing faster and more intensely than ever. New home sewing machines are built to sew faster than ever - 1000 stitches/minute and more. SCHMETZ® Chrome Professional Grade is the perfect sewing partner.
  • Chrome resists heat.
  • Chrome resists wear. That little needle takes a beating stitch by stitch and it gets hot. 
  • Chrome will stay cool longer with less stitch distortion. 
  • Chrome aids the thread to pass through the needle eye with less friction and less heat build-up. 
  • Chrome also allows the needle to pass through the fabric with less resistance.

For years Chrome has been the needle choice by industry professionals, and now SCHMETZ® Chrome is available for our home sewing machines.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Are you ready for Saturday Sampler 2017?  I am so excited for this year.  I think I say that every year but seriously I LOVE this year!

We have 4 quilts again.  You can do all 4 or just 1 if you like.  We will be having the blocks for purchase on the website if you would like to pay and receive them that way, you can.

Here it is......

Pieced Flower Garden- Pink & Green

Enjoy the Ride- Applique with the same fabrics as the Pieced Flower Garden - Pink & Green

Pieced Flower Garden - Neutrals

Haunting Halloween

You can purchase 1 for 15.00 on this first month or if you purchase more than 1 they will be 12.00 each.