Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Blocks

Can't believe May is here and it's the middle of the month! Here is a peek at our Saturday Sampler blocks. The western block includes a couple of sheriff stars. You can't have a cowboy gathering without a sheriff or two. . . or so they say!

Our pieced blocks are a fun little 9-patch. They look a bit like a snail's trail, with a twist. The colors are very pretty and "spring-like" in each color way.

Grandma's apron is a ruffled little affair......easy to make and we love the dimensional look. Oops! Should have moved the stuff behind the block, we are learning a lot about photography and promise to do better in the future. Always learning......that makes a great life!

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  1. Thanks for the pics. Got my block in the mail and now with the pic I am ready to go! I am getting more excited each month, this is adorable!
    Linda in Delta