Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Saturday Sampler

Can't beleive it's the middle of April already!!!  That means better weather is on the way. . . . ?

Here is a peek at our Saturday Sampler blocks for this month.  First we have the pink/green color way.

If you don't want to applique,  take the pieces that are in the kit and make the following pieced block.  Directions for both blocks are in the handout.  (Don't know what happened to the photo color . . . look how different the reds look and it is the same fabric!  The top color way is more true.)

Here is a sample of the autumn block.  The handout includes these leaf patterns as well as some that are a bit simpler.  You choose which leaves you like, and make them in any of the fabrics included in the kit.  You may also make a pieced block instead of an applique block.  Whew! . . . hard to keep track of all the choices.

And the Summer Sunshine project includes the watering can . . . the last block for this project.  We have finishing kits if you desire to purchase one. 


For  May Saturday Sampler we will introduce a  new small project.

We also wanted to give a reminder that you can finish your projects any way you desire.  We show a sample of one way to finish the blocks, and offer a kit, that is optional.  You can finish your blocks in whatever way you choose.  If you enter the contest at the end of the year, the only requirement is that you use the pattern and fabrics we provide for each block.  The beauty of the program is that you may put your blocks together however you want.  We appreciate each of you and love to see the creative ways you stitch!  See you soon.
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